The Bible Unveiled Or, The Neglected Book By M M. Mangasarian

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It would be regrettable, indeed, to consider it attainable for a guide of the size of the bible to be wholly bad. Literature is life; and it would be as impossible to discover a people with a literature wholly bad, as it will be to find a folks with an infallible literature. Together with the Vedas of India, the Avesta of the Pharisees, the Five Kings of the Chinese, the Buddhist Tri Pitikes, and the Moslem Koran, the Jewish-Christian scriptures include many splendid passages. V. In protection of the bible it is further urged that, it being “a heavenly treasure in an earthen vessel,” allowance should be made for the unavoidable imperfections which have crept into its pages. God was the author, man was the amanuensis, they are saying, and, subsequently, the defects of the bible should be charged to the account of man.

Where once more, is it permitted in the bible to tolerate all religions and to favor none? If there is anyone thought extra distinguished than any other within the bible, it is that the religion which it announces is alone true, and that every one the others are pernicious, and to be suppressed by hearth and the sword. And non secular tolerance is among the glories of the American Constitution. To ask us to supply a e-book like the bible is as unreasonable as to ask us to produce one other Koran, or another Mahomet. If the new Koran be just like the old, no addition, or enchancment has been made to non secular literature by its manufacturing; if the brand new Koran be totally different from the old, then it is not a replica.

It wants no effort to comprehend how much the bible is indebted to this truth for its being tolerated at all in the twentieth century. Courtesy prevents the exposure which might utterly change the world’s opinion of the book. Another cause which explains the vogue of the bible is the truth that it’s protected in opposition to all competition. The king is behind the book; the press is behind it; and a halo of divinity is thrown about it to scare individuals from inspecting their own holy book with the identical freedom that they study the holy books of other nations. What other guide has ever received the patronage which the bible commands, even to-day?

How does enslaving the stranger contribute to the identical end? If it is association with the Gentile that’s feared, why had been the Jews permitted to buy slaves of them and live with them in the same home or field? And how does lending money upon usury to the stranger help to protect the divine faith from contamination? Candidly talking, it’s tough to see how anybody with a contact of the spirit of love and humanity in his breast can consider in the Old Testament. The fall of the bastile did not mark the dawn of a greater day for France more than the fall of the bible will for each Jews and Gentiles. Why should Americans have anything to do with an Asiatic cult which tempts a father to kill the son that had referred to as him papa, or which truly permits a father to burn alive his only child—the youngster that ran to greet him with a kiss?

The chosen folks of this father are those of no matter race and faith who conquer information and comply with Reason.—Quintillian. AM not able to say what makes a guide “holy,” but I would like to give my concept of a good book. No book deserves to be known as good or nice which doesn’t grapple with the issues of life in such an open and disinterested method as to challenge Lift up a banner probably the most unsparing exams which can be applied to its conclusions, or to the strategies by which it has arrived at them. The guide that objects to or fears criticism, or is injured by it, is actually not an excellent e-book. Even as gold outlives the hearth, an excellent book should outlive criticism. Nobody will claim that the good-for-nothing son deserved all these honors.

HE object of human and animal sacrifices within the bible, as in all the older religions, was to placate the deity. The Jews would not have supplied Jehovah the flesh of man and beast, did they not imagine that their god was not only exceedingly fond of roast meats, however that this was the only way to safe any favors from him. When an oriental desired a favor of his king or chieftain, he approached him with many presents, in addition to with prostrations and compliments. The method to be admitted to an audience with Jehovah was to praise him loudly, and to offer him the best a half of the spoils.

But while science seeks to manage nature through knowledge, magic resorts to spells, charms, incantations and concoctions. But let us not forget to explain the origin of the ban towards the Sabbath, or the seventh day. It will shock the Sabbatarian to learn that originally work was forbidden on the seventh day of the week for the same purpose that many in our day object to begin on a journey or on an enterprise of any kind on a Friday, or on the thirteenth of the month.

The object of the soft hymns and cajoling prayers within the churches to-day have the same purpose for which the sacrifices and dances of the barbarians have been instituted. How to allure the deity, to please and interact his services, is the top and aim of each type of worship. The story of Cain and Abel is the first episode on, earth. Surely they wanted one another, each commercially and socially. According to the bible, there have been altogether only 4 individuals on the earth, at this time, and, subsequently, from every perspective, it was more than a dastardly crime to kill one of many members of this valuable group.