How Aluminum Frame Systems Improve Thermal Performance

This does not mean that metal screws are a bad solution, it simply means that the wall assembly of metal screws must be slightly modified to reduce the degree of heat transfer. A common method of modifying a metal screw wall to meet insulation requirements is to add a layer of rigid insulation to the outside of the wall. The rigid insulation layer outside the metal bolts and coating minimizes thermal fusion and heat transfer through the wall. Today, there are many innovative tools and services to more easily calculate the thermal performance of a building. In many cases, BIM models contain metadata related to the performance of each building component. BIM models are often the input used in the BEM software based on the original design.

When demolishing metal screw buildings, the metal can be recycled and reused. Architectural aluminium is often used for window and door frames as it is attractive, durable and low maintenance (see Fig. 1 and Box). However, unprotected aluminum interacts with cement-based materials, sometimes causing serious damage to the frame. This article provides instructions on how to protect aluminum frames from mortar used in masonry walls. On the other hand, the metal frame requires special fasteners that can cut through metal or pre-drilled holes so that metal screws can be installed.

One of the most important aspects of using non-structural metal frames is access, in other words, how the screws actually penetrate the building. This is not a problem when it comes to framing exteriors as you can work on the outside of the building and do so from the outside. Many plant owners choose traditional welded steel structures for their strength and durability. However, extruded aluminum frames are also gaining popularity, and for several good reasons. Apart from the many advantages of steel over wood in the wall frame, the metal wall frame is relatively simple and can also be made by inexperienced builders.

There are also fixed clips that can be used to give contractors more options for bypass framing. In places where seismic activity could be a problem, contractors often use deflection connectors. These allow a bolt wall and substrate Aluminum T-Track to move independently of each other. Reinforcement plates are installed in the openings to strengthen the connections. For us, the biggest hurdle in using metal screws in most of our homes is the upfront cost for the homeowner.

Because the metal frame is true in its dimensions, more effort is required to customize and modify, making metal frame installers harder to find in the housing market. A straighter wall can bring about a slight improvement in the installation of drywall, moldings and doors. In addition, new applications of the material have been discovered, especially in curtain walls, by using polyamide to replace the traditional aluminum printing plate.