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“The Asian Games will help esports become more mainstream in Southeast Asia and Asia,” said Johnson Yeh, who manages the region for the Tencent-owned studio Riot Games, whose blockbuster game League of Legends will be in the event. What we’ve covered in this article merely scratches the surface ofNewzoo’s Consumer Insights suite. Game companies are increasingly looking to target growth markets in Southeast Asia, but no two countries in this region are the same. In Thailand’s urban online population, 95% of gamers play on mobile.

After joining the national team, you have to find a position amongst clubs that already have quotas of players. There are not just the players and fans when it comes to eSports, but new careers that range from cast game players and commentators to production and event staff. They all make up a community to support players and the business at the same time.

“Being in the Asian Games legitimises our sport further among mass audiences and governments, while providing a legitimate sports dream for the players,” Yeh said. In this article, we’ll use our Consumer Insights to look at the country’s gamers, including player shares per platform, players’ favorite games and genres, and some of their in-game spending behavior. The federation recruits some 22 e-sports players as national athletes annually. Mobile operator Advanced Info Service believes Thailand still has the potential to become the leader in the e-sports business in the Asean in terms of market size and the number of players in the future. Available at a special price of up to 80% off and a chance to win free items from popular PUBG Mobile, MARVEL Super War, Call Of Duty Mobile, FIFA ONLINE4, Blade & Soul, and Black Desert. As well as joining activities with many leading gaming firms on all platforms.

According to a survey by Rakuten Insight in March 2020, 76 percent of Thai male respondents stated that they played online games. The survey also explored the frequency of online gaming and it revealed that half of Thai respondents played online games on a daily basis. We’re looking forward to seeing ESL deliver a great series of professional and collegiate esports events for our Thai fans and players,” said Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games for Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Thailand’s eSports community comprises more than 30 million amateur and professional gamers, as well as tournament viewers. Initial, Acer emphasised educating people, helping them understand what eSports is about and the differences between professional eSports athletes and game addicts. In the future, the company plans to support a country-level eSports แทงอีสปอร์ต league, said Nitipat. In Thailand, children have an average of 35 hours of screen time, purely for entertainment purposes, every week, based on data from the country’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. Among 8 to 12-year-olds, 98 per cent used social media, 73 per cent owned their own personal phone and about half were playing video games.