Ask The Art Teacher

During this process you must pay much more attention to detail within the subject as you make the marks on the surface to create your drawing, far more than when taking a single frame with a camera. Learners with good graphic skills will combine shapes and lines to represent people, animals and objects.

You can try out drawing basic lines and shapes for starters. Later on, you can play with shapes and lines to form patterns. While learning different techniques, you can also do some freehand doodling just to let your imagination run free without overthinking about the method you are supposed to apply. Everyone can draw even if it is a simple stick man sketch. But finding the best way to improve and develop that skill can be very frustrating when you are not sure what to do.

If you have a natural knack for drawing, don’t take it for granted, otherwise you could one day find that your skills aren’t quite where you want them to be. Keep the following simple but effective tips in mind, so you can become a better artist. Shapes were some of the earliest objects we may have learned to draw.

Try making up a story (doesn’t have to make sence)…make up fantastic places and describe them, fantastic characters, etc. I have learned kids have a natural talent for that; not making up stories, but amaze any adult around. I am an architect by profession and an “art” teacher by passion and love for kids. I began teaching at an academy with a “big fancy” name here in my country to kids from the age 3 . They gave this “guide” on how to teach, according to their thoughts and ideas on how it was best to motivate creativity in kids, but I must say that I found soon that it was not how I wanted to do it. Not because I just say so, but because I wasn’t pleased with the result and certainly the kids weren’t as well .

That said, I absolutely believe everyone can draw, we are all given the same brain structure, give or take, as in a left and right hemisphere. It is all in the transfer of thought process from left to right, or analytical to creative. If you are already shooting images, chances are you are already experiencing a shift into the right hemisphere to take most of your shots. That’s the place drawing comes from, the rest is practice and learning technique – surprise, just like taking good photos. Drawing will force you to slow down and analyze the subject matter carefully before, during and at the end of the process as you critique your ability and techniques in relation to the subject you have created.

I had a peer in art school who used to go to college parties and draw all of the drunk people sitting around. Get creative and find as many contexts as possible where you can practice your gesture drawing. I have curso de desenho an 11 yr old daughter who doesnt seem to be very confident with the art and craft she does. But she would rather watch tv or play on her game box. I think she sees the beautiful work I do and she’s put off.

If you don’t know where to start, seek out lists of prompts to help you hone your skills. This list of things to draw in your house is a great resource for finding inspiration in everyday objects. If you feel like you have that covered, try your hand at completing this list of 75+ drawing ideas that will stretch your imagination. For those that didn’t pick up art at an early age, it may even feel daunting to reach for a pencil and sketch your favorite animal. Although there are incredible artists out there, each one had to begin somewhere, and, like all creative skills, drawing is something that can improve with passion and dedication. This drawing exercise is based on a Surrealist game.