A Comparison Between Wholesale Designer Handbags and Designer Shoes

Designer handbags and designer shoes have a similarity of belonging to the elite genre of ‘designer quality’. That is, while Between Subjects Design handbags are more lifestyle products that are often used to accessorize, shoes are the essential lifestyle wearable. At this juncture, both commodities diverge on the following features. Let us look at what makes a handbag and a shoe distinctively different from each other.


Both the commodities cater to different strata of customers, excluding the age groups as a constraint. Handbags are mainly a women’s product segment designed for need, use, beauty and other characteristics related to women’s desires. A shoe as a product category caters to both men and women. Historically, designer bags have always been worn by the rich and loved by them. In fact, this was largely the reason designer bag sales didn’t see a slump even during the global recession of 2008 as these were a product of the rich and well, the rich weren’t particularly affected by the recession.

Opacity in variants

On one hand, handbags have a wide array of variety from travel bag, athletic, cosmetic, wallets clutches, sling, and work-out to laptop bags, kit bags, strap less pouches and more. On the other hand, shoes have some basic variants like sports shoes, dress shoes for men and women, casual, wedges, sandals, canvas, restricted to wear ability. The basis of difference in opacity lies in the mere fact that handbags are a luxury segment where shoes, even with the luxury features are subjected to the basics of a wearable product where size and comfort are the essentials.

Preferential Differences

Designer handbags and designer shoes are both luxury versions of two basic commodities, handbags and shoes. These two commodity lines have different preferential parameters when it comes to purchasing. They are discussed below.

For Handbags

• Appearance

• Texture/material and pattern

• Size and shape

• Color scheme

For Shoes

Along with appearance, material and color preferences, designer shoes are subjected to the following other preferences during purchase.

• Fitting and comfort

• Longevity for wear and tear

• Type of sole and grip

• The price, of course!

Even though both belong to the designer segment, the basic purpose of each commodity still differs. You will not get a woman who loves designer bags really interested in designer shoes. However, most women interested in shoes will surely want a handbag. The designer handbag has more first notice attraction to one’s attention than the shoes.

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