8 Fun Things To Do In Cancun, Mexico

The favorite way to travel here is the golf cart, with many rental shops directly across the street from the ferry station. The ocean and beaches of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Riviera Maya are among the best in the world to observe sea turtles. Green-headed sea turtles and hawks are the most common, although giant sea turtles also sometimes appear. From May to October, women’s sea turtles come to the beach every night to dig nests and lay dozens of eggs for each one.

You are free to plan your day as you wish, and you will not come close to covering the entire park, but will reserve the time for the nightly show, Xcaret Mexico Spectacular. Head to the dense forest, less than shuttle from Airport an hour’s drive from the city, to stop at a 124-acre nature reserve in Puerto Morelos. Enthusiastic bird watchers can discover dozens of rare species, including parrots, buzzing birds, and woodpeckers.

One of the best places for tourists to experience this underwater world is just at the end of the Cancun Hotel area in an area known as Punta Nejok. We hope the best places you can visit in Cancun don’t show you the best of this city, but it also gave you an idea of how the locals live. You can accommodate your vacation directly, especially if you know a little Spanish! Finally, the Beach Forum is one of the most popular tourist attractions for people who want to experience the vitality of the tropics. The second main area of Cancun is the center of Cancun, and it is also the main area where the local population resides.

From here, they are taken to the environmental park, where an experienced guide will take you on a tree tour through the zip line park. From here, he boarded the Honda 220cc ATV to walk the trail through bumps, rocks, and roots. A good place to take a closer look at the rich marine life in the area is at the interactive aquarium in Cancun. After using fins and diving, you can swim around the facility containers surrounded by many types of sharp watering for seahorse and clown fish. However, the highlight is the experience of “swimming with dolphins” in attraction, an exciting program that allows you to get closer and personalize these beautiful sea creatures. Similar programs are also offered elsewhere, including Dolphin Discovery and Dolphinaris Cancun.

The phrases come and go all day, but they feel a world away from the big city. Across the island there are important diving spots on the beach and boats, where you can discover wildlife such as anemones, angelfish, and sea turtles. Some diving deepens, including shipwrecks that now include barracuda, shark, and coral reefs. Akumal, which means “the place of the turtles” in the Mayans, is already a nesting place for sea turtles that come to shore to lay eggs every year. Many travelers come here as a day trip from Playa del Carmen or Tulum to swim with turtles and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the shallow lake. In the 1950s, before Cancun and Extapa, Acapulco was the most famous destination in Mexico.